Commission painting service for all wargaming miniathres, wargaming terrains, scale models, large scale figures and more. Our studio offers 4 different painting levels; basic, advanced, expert and display. Prices for display level and dioramas depends on the project
For large armies we make a discount on the total price.


Assembling price includes cleaning of mold lines, gluing the figures/models, filling gaps with putty, drilling gun barrels, and exhausts. This cost covers materials and time needed to build your models.


A complete miniature must have a nice looking base. The studio offers 3 different basing levels. basic, advanced and expert. Basing level includes one material, sand, grass, cork and basic level paint work. Advanced level includes two materials and advanced paint work. Expert level includes lots of materials and details (may include custom bits) and customizations, expert level painting.

How the studio works

To start a project for you, you should firstly request a quote via our contact form, by providing as much details as you can about your project (type of army or miniature, number and kind of unites, color scheme that you like, etc)
The studio has the possibility to buy the miniatures for you from a local shop, otherwise you send them to us.
The client can decide if we will assemble the miniatures and do all the work needed (cleaning mold lines, assembling, etc), or send the miniatures already assembled to us.
Next step is to choose painting level and basing level. Some clients don’t want basing, in that case of course you will not be charged for this.
When we have a deal, we require 30% payment in advance to ensure that your project will be start.
The time needed to finish a project it depends from the size of the army, the painting level, how detailed are the models. For other projects such large scale figures, scale models or dioramas, custom terrain depends also the complexity of the project.
Our studio keeps a queue with the commission projects
During the painting process you get photos with the progress of your project.
Once your project is finished you get a number of high quality photos for your final approval.
Then we request the rest 70% of the total price.
After the payment reached our PayPal account we dispatch your miniatures.
Happy wargaming!